BEM VINDO À BlueSkies Virtual

Many virtual airlines claim to be different, but BlueSkies Virtual truly IS different. A virtual airline should put the pilots first and that is exactly what we have done.

We are currently undergoing a complete redesign to our airline based on pilot feedback. Please watch the NOTAMs for the most current information.


Pilotos 6
Aeronaves da Frota 210
Rotas 48
Total de Horas: 2595.08
Total de Vôos 948
Vôos Regulares 29
Vôos Charter 919
% de Vôos Regulares 3.06 %


BSV002Richard Hamuka  EGLL  EDDL 2019-05-16 1.07
BSV001David Goudzwaard  KPHL  KDEN 2019-05-15 3.37
BSV002Richard Hamuka  EGLL  LIMF 2019-05-15 1.61
BSV001David Goudzwaard  KDFW  KPHL 2019-05-14 2.70
BSV001David Goudzwaard  KDEN  KATL 2019-05-13 2.53


BSV104-Don Gessells2018-11-11
BSV103-David Wiley2018-10-21
BSV101-Paolo Lozzi2018-09-25
BSV102-Franco Guidetti2018-09-25
BSV002-Richard Hamuka2018-09-22




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