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Many virtual airlines claim to be different, but BlueSkies Virtual truly IS different. A virtual airline should put the pilots first and that is exactly what we have done.

BlueSkies Virtual is a small carrier hubbed out of Los Angeles with non-stop service to various cities across the U.S. Our growth and success depends entirely on you!. BlueSkies Virtual is YOUR airline with air carrier level scheduling, charter flights, general aviation (GA) flights and everything in between. All with the freedom to fly it your way and with the aircraft of your choosing. You are free to substitute your prefered aircraft for any flight or charter.

Rank progression is based on hours flown and new awards are being added all the time. Flying should not only be fun, but provide a sense of accomplishment and achievement. With that, you are encouraged to fly our dedicated routes and build our future, or venture into the charter world where the skies the limit!


Pilotos 9
Aeronaves en flota 210
Rutas 48
Horas totales: 2133.66
Vuelos totales 829
Vuelos Regular 29
Vuelos Charter 800
% Vuelos Regular 3.50 %


IndicativoPilotoOrigenDestinoFechaTiempo de vuelo
BSV002Richard Hamuka  CYLW  KCOE 2019-03-20 0.78
BSV002Richard Hamuka  CYCG  CYLW 2019-03-20 0.56
BSV002Richard Hamuka  KDLN  KHLN 2019-03-18 0.29





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